Concrete Products / Services for Western Canada and Northwestern USA

Commercial and Industrial Concrete Engineering Services
Whether your concrete needs are practical or contain decorative elements, LSC Pre-Cast Systems gives you complete engineering and design services for commercial and industrial construction in Western Canada and the Northwestern USA. Contact us with your ideas or send us your plans for large or small construction projects. LSC is ready for your challenges, including

Innovative Concrete Construction for Agricultural Structures
For storage, maintenance and filtration solutions on your large or small farm, depend on LSC Pre-Cast Systems for prestressed concrete. We give you strong structures that help you manage many forms of agricultural products and waste materials. Let us know your uses and we'll give you the engineering and design solutions.
Structures and Products for Industry and Agriculture
Ask the professionals at LSC Pre-Cast Systems about the construction service that fits your needs. Let us install Stylespan decorative prestressed concrete panels that are easy to install, align and seal. Ask LSC to engineer and design creative solutions for you that include:

• Livespan – Suspended Floors and Roofs
• Wallspan – Insulated and Noninsulated Walls
• Deckspan – Bridges
• Stylespan – Artistic Decorative Walling
• Weeping Walls – Liquid and Solid Separation
LSC Pre-Cast Systems Works with Respected Companies
LSC Pre-Cast Systems is proud to work with respected companies in the areas of engineering for residential, commercial and agricultural structures, including composting systems. Learn more about these firms and their innovative solutions for your particular building needs: